10 Tips to Minimise the Stress of Moving House

Thursday, 5 February 2015

You might know that we moved house recently. Did I mention it? I think I might have done...

Super happy with everything. Extraordinarily delighted in fact!

It wasn't all plain sailing, but compared to my last move (17 years ago!), this time was pretty stress-free and, dare I say it, almost relaxed.

They say that moving house is one of life's top stressors. But I was determined not to let it get the better of us, or indeed not to get stressed about trying not to get stressed!! (I've had experience of that before).

Now the dust has settled and I've had a bit of time to breath and reflect, I thought I'd put together a few tips for anyone who is planning a move...

10 Tips to Minimise the Stress of Moving House

1 :: Do as much admin as you can before moving day. Change account addresses, insurance details, get your parking permit sorted if you need one. Quite a few online accounts will allow you to change your details in advance of the actual day (e.g. British TV Licence). That way you'll have more time once you're in your new place for the important stuff: unpacking, organising, foofing and general nesting.

2 :: Start collecting boxes and newspapers for packing as soon as you can. We managed to beg, borrow and steal all of our packing materials from friends, colleagues & good old Sainsbury's. We just bought packing tape ~ IKEA do a well-priced one which comes with a handy dispenser ~ and rented wardrobe boxes from the removal company. Approach your local supermarket or corner shop in advance to find out the best days & times to collect any boxes they may have. You don't want to be doing this the night before you move, believe me!

3 :: Label your packed boxes not only with the name of the room they are going to, but also with a brief outline of the contents. That way you won't have to pick through every single kitchen box to find the kettle when you arrive!

Moving Day
4 :: If it's winter, wrap up well in layers. You're going to be spending a lot of time going inside & outside, the front doors of the flat/house will be open and it'll most likely be draughty. If you do start to work up a sweat, you'll want to be able to strip off a couple of items quickly.

5 :: Think about your food for the day. I stocked up on some Pret salads, vegetable crisps & a few treats, free plastic cutlery & napkins. When we were finally able to stop & sit down for a bit at about 3pm the last thing we wanted to do was even pop round to the corner shop ~ we simply cracked open the Pret bag & tucked in!

6 :: Keep a bag of handy items with you or somewhere you know where they are (like the car). Scissors to open boxes on arrival, loo roll, hand wash & a small towel, a few basic tools, maybe some batteries or light bulbs, mobile phone charger. There's nothing worse than needing something, knowing you have it, but having no clue where it is!

7 :: My Mum said it to me 17 years ago and I remember rolling my eyes, but get your bed sorted first!! Moving is always a long, long day and you need to be able to fall into a fully functional, made bed at the end of it.

8 :: Try to meet your new neighbours as soon as you can. Chances are they'll see you arriving & unloading. You don't want to look standoffish by not acknowledging them! We met one side on the day and went round to the other side the next day. No-one was in so I put a card through later on, saying that we'd been round to say hello. They popped round that evening to meet us.

9 :: Introduce any pets slowly to their new environment. We started Jade off in the bathroom as the removal guys weren't really going in there. By the time they'd finished and gone, she was curious enough to want to come out and start exploring the house. Designate an area for bedding and food from the start, so they have an area of their own where they feel safe and can return to after each forage around the new place.

10 :: Accept that it's going to be chaos for a while! I was so aware of this. I'm someone who like things to be organised and in their place so I knew there was stress potential for me once the guys had gone and we were left surrounded by mountains of boxes in a strange house. I told myself that as long as we had the basic kitchen bits out, our bathroom kit plus towels, a few days clothes and the bed sorted it would be ok. And it was. More than ok.

So by doing some simple planning and not getting stressed about the move I saved my energies to begin settling and nesting from the word go. We're now almost two weeks in the new house and I feel like we're pretty sorted to be honest. We've still got a lot of boxes, but these are mostly planned storage as we didn't bring any cupboards or wardrobes with us from the flat. We're not charging off to buy anything yet as soon we'll start planning the renovation works which will change quite a lot of the house and no doubt create tons of mess & dust. We figured our summer clothes and books are safer packed away until we either really need them or we've done a good part of the work and the dust has settled (literally!).

When was the last time you moved house? Were you able to keep on top of the stress factor? I'd love to see any extra tips you may have in the comments below.


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