Easy DIY Bird Feeder

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

One of my tasks at home last weekend was to get my bird feeder up in the garden. And it looks like I was just in time ~ we had the first snow of the year last night and the garden was a blanket of white this morning!

I've hung the feeder in a quiet spot at the back of the garden where we can see it from upstairs and through the glass door in our dining room downstairs. At the flat it was always a hit with the local goldfinches who managed to gobble down a whole bag of niger seed within days. So I was delighted to see goldfinches feeding in our new garden after only a couple of hours! 

In addition to the main feeder, I decided to make up a hanging fat ball, which I'm told will attract other types of birds. I've already seen a few blue tits and robins about, so let's see if they decide to go for it.

I used a kit here, but it's really so easy that you could make one yourself in no time using an old plastic yogurt pot.

Easy DIY Bird Feeder

You need:
40g suet
50g bird seed of choice
Plastic yogurt pot with hanging hole
Garden twine

How to:

1. Melt the suet in a saucepan

2. Put the seed into a bowl

3. Pour the warmed suet into the seed and mix

4. Leave to cool very slightly, then spoon into your yogurt pot mould, pressing down firmly

5. Pop into the fridge for a few hours to cool and firm up

6. Remove and hang outside somewhere in view of your house

7. Wait and watch for the birds!

I haven't had chance to check if mine has been pecked at yet, it might be a little close to the house. I still need to learn the behaviour of our local birds!

If you have a garden, do you feed the birds? What works best for you? I'd love to know!


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