10 Tips for Great Asian Cooking

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Recently I was invited by the lovely people at LV= to go along to an Asian Cookery evening at the Smart School of Cookery in St Katharine's Dock, London. Oh yum, who could say no to that?

The bloggers were in their element ~ I've never seen so many Canon DSLRs on the dinner table before! Can you spot me?

It was a really fun night, led by Stu ~ a trained chef, who won Young Chef of the Year for Pastry back in 1986. Apart from sampling the delicious dishes he effortlessly created for us (with the help of some of the bloggers), I picked up a few useful tips for this style of cooking.

 10 Tips for Great Asian Cookery

1. Get properly togged up before you start ~ things could get messy!

2. Breath through your mouth to stop tears when chopping onions

3. Freeze chillies & ginger before use to make them easier to grate

4. When chopping vegetables, always keep the knife blade touching your fingers to give you a steady base to work from

5. Use sea salt rather than rock salt in cooking ~ and remember with seasoning less is more ~ you can always add, but you can't take away!

6. Use a regular vegetable peeler to make courgette ribbons

7. Ditch the olive oil and use rapeseed instead, which is much healthier when heated to high temperatures

8. Ensure an even cook in a frying pan by laying your veg or meat clockwise in a circle so you know where you started from ~ good cooking is all about being methodical

9. Achieve perfect sticky rice by adding water & olive oil, covering with greaseproof paper and baking in the oven

10. The odd gimmicky kitchen gadget can actually be useful!

All these little tips & tricks certainly paid off ~ Stu's food was de-li-cious for sure! He kindly provided a veggie option and a few variations for people with certain food intolerances, remaining cool as a cucumber throughout.

I really enjoyed the evening, thanks to LV= and all the other lovely bloggers I met. I'll be posting the recipes for the dishes Stu made, so be sure to check back soon!


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