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Friday, 20 March 2015

It's been a busy one at work this week ~ quite a lot of time away from the office, which is always a nice change, but it means lots of catching up to do later. I've got some great posts coming up over the next couple of week (including a giveaway) so be sure to visit the blog again soon!

In between everything else, I've still managed to get some interesting web reading in this week, so here are my best picks for you...

: : Shoot

: : Wander
Get your feet moving when you're overseas and try out one of the world's best city walks

: : Nourish
This one ingredient ice-cream is definitely next on my must-make list. And the ingredient isn't what you might think!

: : Nest

: : Inspire
9 ways to spark your creativity & have fun ~ and most of them are free!

Enjoy the weekend! My girl's getting her new cat flapped installed so keep your eye out for some kitty antics on my Instagram over the next few days!


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