5 Top Spring Cleaning Tips

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

If you're in the UK you'll be enjoying the beautiful spring weather we've been having over the last few days ~ I know I am!

When sunrays start filtering into the house and the first whiff of warmer air comes along, our thoughts turn to clearing out and freshening up our homes, ready for the longer summer days. We get all enthusiastic and spend hours cleaning and sweeping away the winter's cobwebs.

Yeah, right!

If you're anything like me, the intention is there, but the will and/or available time just isn't. I want it all sorted. Now. Minus the hassle of actually doing very much.

I can't promise you won't have to do anything, but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve, which will help you get things spruced up a little bit faster and without having to put quite so much elbow grease into your chores.

Today I'm partnering with Currys to bring you some cleaning tips which will help you transform your home this spring, with minimal effort.

5 Top Spring Cleaning Tips

1. Burnt Pans & Blocked Plug Holes
In a word: soda crystals. Soak pans overnight with a couple of spoonfuls in warm water and all the burnt stuff will just fall away the next morning. Pour the crystals into your plug holes and wash down with boiling water to clear any blockages. Cheap, but so effective! Available in supermarkets.

2. Microwave
Loosen the gunk inside before wiping easily away by popping half a cut lemon in a bowl of warm water and blitzing on high for 2 minutes. Works like a dream!

3. Pet Hair
Oh, I know this one well, after many years of a black cat and a cream carpet! Get your rubber gloves and a bowl of warm water. Dampen your gloved hands and draw them firmly over the carpet. Any fur and hair will come away easily. Collect a pile and then simply vacuum up. Make sure you've got fairly robust gloves otherwise you'll wear through the rubber very quickly.

4. Bottles & Vases
Get the last bit of grime out of narrow glass vases by popping in a few grains of rice or barley, some detergent and warm water. Swill around and rinse ~ simple!

5. Toilet Bowl
Get that last lingering bit of limescale out of the bottom of your loo by pouring in a can of Coke and leaving over night. Clean as normal in the morning, et voila!

Oh, and before I go, I just have to share THE best cleaning product I've ever found. It works great, not only on glass & mirrors, but also on stainless steel ~ no smears or marks remain. So versatile, I love it!

What are you best spring cleaning tips? 
Got a hack you'd like to share and save us all some time?

For more handy tips, visit the Currys TechTalk blog


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