Getting into Veggie Spiralizing

Thursday, 7 May 2015

So I jumped on the bandwagon and got myself a spiralizer.

I've been thinking about it for a while and kept telling myself it would end up unused at the back of a cupboard, but I've read so many rave reviews recently that I decided this was something I just couldn't miss out on anymore. And so far I haven't been disappointed.

I went for this one, which seems to be very popular and has good reviews. It sells for the same price as the non-branded version, but I've read a bit about the Hemsley sisters' style of food and it seems to be up my street, so I thought I'd lend them my support :)

As a vegetarian of many years ~ 25 now and counting ~ I've never been one to shirk my veggies, but sometimes it all gets a bit boring, doesn't it? Especially when like me your preferred cooking style is 'quick lazy girl' ~ I'm talking getting home from work and sitting down with a plate of food in under half an hour.

Pictures of zucchini spaghetti on Pinterest first sparked my interest in this new 'thing' ~ love a good courgette ~ so the first thing I decided to try out was exactly that...

Courgette Spaghetti Bolognese

Serves 1

1 medium courgette
1 onion, chopped
1 box or can of chopped tomatoes
3 handfuls of veggie mince (I used Sainsbury's own brand)
1 tbs feta cheese, chopped
Garlic-infused olive oil
Basil to serve

1. Fry up the chopped onion & veggie mince in a couple of teaspoons of the oil

2. Add the chopped tomatoes and reduce the heat to simmer while you get on with the fun bit!

3. Spiralize the courgette into spaghetti strips ~ blitz in a bowl for 30 seconds on high in the microwave to soften slightly, or leave raw if you prefer more crunch

4. Serve the courgette, with the bolognese sauce, topped with feta and a handful of chopped basil

Oh yum, delicious indeed! And quick, very quick. All in all definitely my kind of thing ~ and a brilliant way to increase your veggie intake, whilst changing things up a bit in the kitchen.

Have you tried spiralizing yet?
I'd love to hear about any recipe ideas or tips you might have!



  1. I am interested in the idea but it seems like a rather big contraption for a one hit wonder?

    1. It's not as big as you might think Michelle. I considered buying one for ages for fear that it may be a one hit wonder, but to be honest it's such a great, quick way of getting in more veggies and reducing carbs I can't see myself stopping using it anytime soon. Most veg doesn't even need cooking as it's cut so finely, so brilliant as well for raw vitamin intake. Ask me again in 6 months & I'll let you know if I'm still using it ;)


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