5 simple ways to improve your home

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Welcome back! Today I'm teaming up with Age UK to bring you some quick tips on how to improve your home.

We're still working on the plans for renovating and improving our new home, so I've delved into the archives and had a look back at what I did to maximise the loveliness of my 1-bed flat, where I lived for 17 years!

Whatever size of home you have and whatever your budget there are always a few easy things you can do to make it more gorgeous and pleasurable to live in.

5 Simple Ways to Improve your Home

1. Storage & Organisation

Nothing helps you to live better in your home than good storage. If your place is small, effective storage will not only give you more physical space, but it also frees up emotional room for being, doing and enjoying. We've all felt the benefits of a good tidy up and declutter, right?

Consider ways in which you can use height to gain more space. We chose floor-to-ceiling shelving & cupboards (very affordable from IKEA) and fitted them into the alcoves on either side of the chimney breast in the living room. Using the area right up to the ceiling gave tons more space. Glossy white cupboard doors give a modern, neat feel

2. Entryway & Curb Appeal

A quick spruce up in your front door area can do wonders. Keep paintwork clean and fresh and add polish with a smart miniature bay tree and window boxes. A regular sweep away of leaves ensures a clear pathway and a tidy welcome for visitors.

3. Heating Thermostat & Timeclock

You'll probably have one of these already, depending on the age of your property and your boiler. I didn't when I first moved to the flat and I found that my bills were a lot higher as a result. Modern thermostats are mostly wireless so can be sited according to your preferences (do check the manufacturer's instructions though as they will recommend certain locations and heights to be better than others). The one above, which I choose for my new boiler, even has a holiday setting allowing you to close down your heating to all but a basic frost setting, yet ensure your home is warm and toasty on the day you get back from your trip.

4. Surround Sound

Nothing says home more than good background music. We've started investing, piece by piece, in this wireless Sonos system which offers a range of speaker sizes. You control everything from your phone or laptop: choose your own music or a radio station, set alarms and turn music on and off in each room where you have a speaker at the touch of a button. No need to hard wire in speakers any more!

5. Maximise Outside Space

I do love my garden. This bijoux one at the flat was a joy and now we have a larger space I'm in green heaven! If you're lucky enough to have outside space where you live, then take a bit of time to spruce it up ~ a brush and tidy doesn't take long and planting up a few pots will brighten the area and make you feel like spending time out there. It's true that a garden really is an extra room!

Have you got a top tip for making more of your home? Please share in the comments below!


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