How to drink more water

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Let's talk about water...

Every year I have the same goal to drink more of it and every year I start off well and then by the middle of the year my good intention has somehow dissipated ~ without me even realising how or when.

I'm back on the hydration bandwagon this week which started me thinking about what's worked for me and what hasn't...


Lemon in warm water in the morning

I've been drinking this for years now so it's a well-established habit.

Why it works for me: I make this as soon as I get up & sip it as I prepare the rest of my breakfast

Gym water bottle microresolution

Microresolutions are a great way to create or break new behaviours. I wrote more about them here. One habit I've successfully got myself into using this technique is to always finish my bottle of water before leaving the gym. This helps me rehydrate after my workout.

Why it works for me: even if it means standing in the doorway of the gym necking down the last drop I always do it, out of habit if nothing else!


Smartphone app

I downloaded a free app a month or so ago called Daily Water. Whilst the app itself is fine, it just didn't work for me. Instead of motivating me to drink, the scheduled reminders (which I chose the times for) popping up on my phone just became annoying and more often than not I just ignored them! I think I need to have the water physically in front of me, rather than having to respond to a signal to get up and go find some.


Posh water bottle

I just got myself this Brita Fill & Go bottle which I plan to clamp to my side for the next few weeks to see if it helps me to drink more. The lid contains a replaceable filter so you just need to fill the bottle with tap water and you're good to go. The inbuilt straw can be taken out if you prefer. Brita suggest you refill twice a day to ensure you drink enough water ~ that's seems like a handy and achievable goal to me.

So watch this space and I'll post an update soon!

Do you drink enough water? And how much is enough anyway? 
Have you got any more tips for me to try?


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