5 Versatile Nut-based Products

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

I've been eating a lot more plant-based foods recently, and together with drinking more water, in general I'm feeling great on it. Having less dairy, wheat and gluten does seem to agree with me. I'm still eating those things when we go out or as treats, but on a day-to-day basis I've been working on cleaning up my diet.

To ensure I get enough protein I've been eating more beans, hemp powder, chia seeds and nuts. Today I'd like to share with you the nut-based products I've found to be most useful as well as tasty.

Almond Milk

Use this in smoothies, tea, porridge. Anywhere you'd use regular milk in fact. I buy the unsweetened sort as I find the creaminess of it negates the need for any sugar.


Tahini is made from sesame seeds and works really well as a base for sauces, a salad dressing, in pestos and soups. I like to stir it neat into warm courgette spaghetti ~ so tasty!

Almond Butter

I can't get enough of this stuff! It's made from toasted blended almonds and that's it. Delicious for thickening smoothies and vegan hot chocolate. Yummy squeezed into the centre of a medjool date. I could eat it neat from the jar to be honest ~ and have been known to!

Pumpkin Seeds

These little seeds are great as a snack, on their own or mixed in with other nuts. Brilliant sprinkled on salads or stirred into porridge.

Cashew Nuts

I could live off cashews. The raw, unsalted ones are the best tasting and they're full of good fats. Perfect as a snack, on salads, in smoothies and the basis of dairy-free cheese ~ much more tasty than it sounds, I promise!

So as you can see, I'm nutty about nuts at the moment ~ have you got any other useful ideas for using them? I'd be interested to hear!


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