Ideas for a Veggie Barbecue

Thursday, 23 July 2015

This Friday marks 6 months in our new place! Six months, I can't believe it! It was the depths of winter and for the first few weeks we froze our socks off as we got used to the house and it slowly warmed up after being empty for a while.

We were very lucky and our move went really smoothly. I wrote some tips here on how to minimize the stress of moving house. The most important thing has to be to find a good removal company ~ the right people will help you get settled into your new place as soon as possible and with minimal disruption.

Half a year on and we're enjoying warm weather, getting out in the garden and waking up to sunshine. So it must be time to invite friends round and get the BBQ out, right?

It's easy for BBQ preparation to get out of control, finishing up with mountains of food which takes ages to cook. That's where my interest stops! I like to keep things simple and put together a few dishes which are easy to prepare and ready before you know it.

Last year we invested in this mini Weber BBQ. It's gas and runs on a mini cylinder. You can remove the legs to put it on a table or even take it off for a day with you in the car. It doesn't take long to heat up and cooks food nice and evenly. I bought some lava rocks which help to give the food an authentic BBQ taste without the hassle and billowing smoke of charcoal. The grill plate is removable and easy to clean after each use.

Being vegetarian, I always like to mix things up a bit for a BBQ, rather than just grilling up mountains of burgers and sausages. Veggie kebabs, corn on the cob and bananas filled with chocolate always go down well with everyone, meat-eaters included!

Here are a couple of my favourite BBQ recipes for a laid-back evening in the garden...

Veggie Kebabs

Cherry tomatoes
Button mushrooms
Yellow peppers
Halloumi or mozzarella cheese

1. Soak some bamboo skewers in water for half an hour to prevent them from catching fire on the grill
2. Chop up the courgettes, peppers and cheese into bit-sized pieces
3. Thread all the ingredients onto the skewers (see picture below for suggestion) and grill for 20 minutes or so, turning frequently to ensure an even cook

Mediterranean Couscous 

with Grilled Halloumi

Serves 4
Prepare everything apart from the halloumi in advance, then grill the cheese on the BBQ and add to the salad before serving

200g couscous
300ml boiling water
3 tbsp olive oil
Juice of 1 lemon
40g shelled pistachios
3-4 spring onions, finely sliced
100g peas
Handful of fresh mint, roughly chopped
70g wild rocket
250g halloumi cheese, chopped into 2cm thick chunks

1. Put the couscous in a large bowl, add the boiling water & 1 tbsp of oil. Cover & set aside for 5 minutes until the water has been absorbed & the couscous is fluffy
2. Whisk together the remaining oil & the lemon juice to make a dressing
3. Combine the cooled couscous with the pistachios, spring onions, peas, mint & rocket
4. Grill the halloumi for 2-3 minutes on the BBQ until it turns golden, but is soft inside ~ it's best to do this on some foil to avoid it slipping through the grill plate!
5. Top the couscous mixture with the cheese & drizzle with the lemon dressing

Do you enjoy barbecuing in the summer months? I'd love to hear about any quick recipes you have ~ please share in the comments below.


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