Jade's 4 secrets for a long & happy life

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Our dear, sweet girl has crossed the rainbow bridge... We are so sad, it's very quiet at home and I feel quite lost without my trusty sidekick.

I adopted Jade 14 years ago, from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. She had been living with an elderly lady who had moved into a home. From the beginning she was a shy girl, hiding behind the washing machine for most of the first day, but eventually her loving nature came through and we grew to love each other as though life had never been any different. She was aged 7 then, which means that she reached the grand age of 21 ~ surely a record in cat years!

So what does it take to live a long & happy life little Jade? In a photo tribute to my girl, here are a few things I've learnt from my feline companion over the years...

Get plenty of sleep
And it doesn't matter where you are! This has to be Jade's number 1 secret ~but she would always start purring when I stroked her ... she loved kisses & cuddles.

Enjoy time outside in nature
Although a real homebody, Jade loved the garden. Her most favourite thing was to sun herself on the mat in the kitchen doorway ~ outside, but inside too (so she could keep an eye on me!). That & 'helping' me to read the paper in the garden...

Spend time with the people you love
Supervising me was Jade's favourite job. Wherever I was, she usually was too. 'Helping' with cleaning, putting on make-up, gardening & even having a shower ~ she was there!

Go on a big adventure, if only once in your life
As you'll probably remember, we had a bit of a time of it at the end of March this year when Jade took herself off for two weeks & we couldn't find her. We'd just fitted a new cat flap for her, after keeping her inside for the first two months after we moved to the house. Eventually we found her in the garden of a neighbouring street, after an intensive poster campaign. I'm so grateful that we got her back and had those precious last few months with her.

It's been a tough journey for me these last few months. After all the excitement of moving home, Jade going missing and then her failing health came to dominate my life & made me feel so sad. I've been amazed & overwhelmed by the support I've received from friends and neighbours & also from my online community. Thank you everyone.

I've thought a lot recently about life, love & loss. This experience has changed my perception in many ways. But I wouldn't change a thing. This beautiful girl brought me so much joy for so many years. I know we'll meet again one day but until then, I'll hold her tightly in my heart, which is covered in her little pawprints, & always will be.

For anyone facing the loss of a beloved pet, I can highly recommend this book by Pea Horsley, suggested to me by a dear friend.


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