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Friday, 3 July 2015

This week we experienced the hottest temperatures in London that I've know in nearly 20 years of living here. 36 degrees C. It. Was. Boiling. And working bang in the centre of the city didn't help matters, I can tell you! But I managed to stay cool somehow & I've kept up my new water drinking regime all week, which definitely helps when it's so warm.

So here are my favourite cool & refreshing links from the last few days...

: : Shoot
If you're off to any tourist sites this summer, check out these tips for taking photographs in crowded places

: : Wander
Save more cash for your destination with these 24 tips for travelling on a budget

: : Nourish
No baking required: check out this delicious-looking raw key lime pie ~ pure summeryness on a plate!

: : Inspire
Did you know that adult colouring books are a thing right now? And no, not that kind of adult!

Enjoy the weekend!


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