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Friday, 31 July 2015

I had this silver necklace made in memory of the three kitties who've shared my life so far: Thomas, Cleo & Jade. Now I can take them with me wherever I am : )

We've spent the week thinking about names for our soon-to-be new arrival. Did you know that there is a tradition amongst Birman owners of naming their cats according to their year of birth? It changes alphabetically each year: 2015 is the letter M, 2016 will be N, 2017 P and so on. So we've been thinking a lot about names beginning with M. Watch this space!

Here are my best links from the past few days...

: : Shoot
Good tips here for places to catch the best sunsets in Paris

: : Wander
Off to the beach soon? Check out architect Renzo Piano's tips for building the perfect sandcastle

: : Nourish
These ricotta fritters are perfect for a relaxed summer lunch in the garden

: : Nest
I wouldn't mind being able to escape to this weekend lakeside home every now and again!

: : Inspire
Some nice ideas here for starting your day on a happy note

Enjoy the weekend friends ~ see you back here again soon!


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