DIY Pet Bed

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

As you probably know, we recently welcomed little Montego into our family. He's a joyful bundle of fluff, who loves playing, exploring and getting up to mischief. Plus, he's the biggest cuddle junkie ever!! He's certainly brought smiles back to our faces...

The weekend before we collected him, I set to work on making a bed for him so that he would have a cosy place of his own to sleep. We wanted to create something original, hard wearing and washable that would be big enough to last him as he grows bigger.

So here's how I turned this...

into this...

DIY Pet Bed

You need:
Large felt storage basket (H&M £14.99)
15" round cushion filler (Amazon, 2 for £11.95)
Fleece blanket (Primark, £4.50)

To make the bed:
1. Unpick the stitching around the handles of the basket

2. Fold the top of the basket down to the base

And that's your basic bed done!

For the cushion cover:
1. Measure the diameter of the cushion, taking into account the curve of it. Add 4" to this measurement.

2. Using an upturned washing bowl, or another round object as your guide, mark out the circular cover shape on the fleece fabric with pins. It doesn't matter if your object isn't big enough, the idea is to use it as a guide - measure out from the edges at various points to achieve a circle of the size you need.

3. Cut out the circle. This will be the front of your cushion cover.

4. To make the back of the cover, you need two oversized pieces of fabric, which will overlap each other to create an envelope shape, allowing you to put in and remove your cushion filler.

To achieve this, fold the circle you made in step 3 above, turning in about a third of the fabric to create an enlarged semi-circle, as in the picture below. Cut out two of these.

5. Hem both the semi-circles along the straight edges.

6. Overlap the two semis so that they form a circle the same size as the front of the cushion cover. Place the overlapped semis on top of the complete circle, taking care that the sides of fabric you want to be the outside of your cushion are facing inwards. Pin around the edge, approximately 1" in from the edge.

I recommend fitting the pinned cushion to the filling at this point, just to make sure it's the right size.

7. Stitch and then trim the hem down to half an inch all the way around.

8. Turn the cover the right way round and stuff with the cushion filler. You should now have a cushion which looks like this:



Place your finished cushion into the bed and you're all set!

I made two cushions for ease of washing/drying. I had enough fleece fabric left to also make a small blanket ~ simply hem off the raw edge.

Finally, you need to convince your furry friend that this bed is really cosy and the best place for sleeping... Monty enjoyed checking it out, but has since been spotted sleeping in a variety of places all round the house, none of them cat bed shaped!!



  1. What an adorable bundle of joy! He looks so small all curled up in his new bed!

    1. Sandra, he's an absolute joy! Growing up very fast though.


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