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Friday, 23 October 2015

It's been a very exciting week. Apart from the usual kitty antics going on around here these days, I've got a new job! After a bit of time off, I'm so looking forward to a new challenge in a new environment.

Monty's getting bigger every day and he's into everything - especially if it moves! We've taken him out into the garden a bit more, which he really loves.

Here's my pick of links from this past week...

: : Wander
This infographic showing where in the world it's safe to drink tap water is interesting ~ not sure I completely agree with all the countries though!

: : Nourish
Courgette hummus ~ yum, definitely adding this to my hummus repertoire!

: : Nest
Get ready to spend more time indoors over the winter with these 9 easy ways to create good vibes in your home

: : Inspire
This article really spoke to me: Letting go or all or nothing

Have a great weekend ~ see you back here soon!


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