10 Life Lessons we can learn from Plants

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

I've been thinking a lot about connecting with nature recently. As autumn begins to turn to winter, I've been spending time in the garden, planting bulbs and thinking ahead to the new life I want to see next spring.

I've picked out a few shots from the archives which, together with some lovely quotes, speak to me and make me think about how plants are indeed pretty wise. Make of them what you will...

1 // Take only what you need to thrive //

2 // Choose to face the sunshine //

3 // You never know how deep the roots go, so be gentle //

4 // Build your own defences //

5 // The beauty of life comes in different colours //

6 // Dirt is part of life //

7 // There is power in silence //

8 // Giving feels good //

9 // Be content with yourself //

10 // Small growth is still growth //


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