Weekend Picks

Friday, 13 November 2015

Life's pretty good at the moment. We're enjoying the house, loving watching little Monty grow & develop and I feel revitalised in my new job, all the better for no longer having to use the tube every day!

So, what have I been reading online this last week? Here's a selection of favourites...

: : Shoot
Are you still enjoying taking photographs? Interesting to be reminded that the point isn't to be a good photographer, but to enjoy life

: : Nourish
This pear & cardamom tart looks perfect for cosy autumn weekends in

: : Inspire
Take a structured approach to reducing stress with these 10 ways to de-stress your day hour by hour

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you're up to



  1. Your young cat "Monty" is so beautiful. I'm wondering if he's a Ragdoll because of his toes dipped in cream?!


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