Sunday, 28 February 2016

This little guy is 9 months old now!

He's settled incredibly well and every day there's something new he discovers at home. Although he's been out in the garden with us, we haven't let him go out on his own so far. After Jade's disappearance last year I am still nervous, and with him being such a handsome chap, we're a bit hesitant about him roaming around on his own.

To get him out and about in the meantime, we've been taking him around our block when we can. We introduced him to a lead when he first arrived, so he's fine with the idea of it now.

When I read up on using a lead with a cat, Fit Cat said 'In order to teach your cat to walk on a lead, you must first recognise that cats won't walk long distances or heel obediently by your side like dogs do'. Hmm, I thought...

We are getting faster at doing our loop around the neighbourhood, but it does depend! Generally he trots along fine, especially when there are two of us to encourage him. Occasionally he stops and lies down, refusing to get up, at which point we need to pick him up and carry him a few paces, before putting him down and off he goes again.

There's quite a bit of this.... (not our house)

And also this... (not our house either!)

And getting distracted when the wind blows leaves around

Each time we go out, he gets the idea more and loves running and sniffing everything he can. We've found though that he doesn't like a) people (unless they're inside) b) cars c) trams or trains. All these things make him turn around and walk back the way we've come.

Walking a kitten seems bonkers I know, but it keeps him fit and it's actually a great talking point ~ people stop and ask us about him, usually after they've done a doubletake, thinking perhaps he was a small dog!

Plus he always sleeps like a log once we're home...


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